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When betting gets exciting, the betting exchange has changed the online betting industry forever.

Members asked and they listened. Profit accumulator have given Acca Catcher and Matcher Catcher to platinum members for free

When I was first told about Profit Accumulator it struck me as being a easy way to get into matched betting. Profit Accumulator provides members with all the information they need to get a nice income from collecting bookmaker promotional offers. Our original review of Profit Accumulator can be found here.

As a member you will be given all the information you need to collect your free bet offers. What we liked about the service is that they teach you how to do it, and tell you which bookmakers to use and what offers are best. Having done this personally I got frustrated with the amount of time taken reading all the terms and conditions that accompanied the betting offers. Find events to bet which where covered by the promotional offers which had close odds available to lay on Betfair is also labour intensive. Put simply, it’s sooo boring. Anyone who hasn’t learned about his should take a look at the original review.

So what’s new at Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator got some software engineers on the case to develop web apps to help members make life a little easier. The problems was that these apps where available only to Platinum Plus members at an additional cost of £9.99. After listening to feedback from members both Acca Catcher and Match Catcher web apps are given to Platimum members at no extra cost. Great news and worthy of a post here.

What is Acca Catcher and Match Catcher

Acca Catcher and Match Catcher are apps that run in your web browser available from the Profit Accumulator service, which compliment the service. Problems experienced by existing members include having the odds of certain bets changing quickly even before they’d got their bets on. Creating a delay and decreasing profit.

When a betting trade has been identified between the bookmaker using the free bet offer and the betting exchange (normally Betfair) members still have to use the calculator provided to work out what stakes to use.

Members who decided to find their own events to bet on soon found out how time consuming it can be find the event, and how difficult it is to get the best odds before they move.

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Bet like a bookie. Barcelona vs Arsenal Champions League

UEFA Champions League
Tuesday, 23 February, 19:45
Emirate Stadium

One of the characteristics needed to hone your skills as a sports bookmaker is a keen eye for what’s happening in the market as well as the sport.

Arsenal play Barcelona in their first game in the round of 16 after qualifying in the group stage. Arsenal will need to give them all they’ve got to show their commitment to winning the Champions League. Messi had a knee ligament injury at the end of last year and was also diagnosed with kidney stones in December making it likely that he will not be 100% for this match if he plays.

Arsenal have a good chance in this Champions League match

Arsenal have played formations that have proved troublesome for Barcelona’s Neymar, Suarez and Iniesta previously. Arsen Wenger can be stubborn with team formations, but, a surprise performance is a real possibility.

Arsenal odds may be too long and recent market history looks interesting. Furthermore, Arsenal are playing at the Emirates Stadium.

How to use the Betfair exchange to make the most of opportunity

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How did our Facebook tips perform in 2015? Setting up a sports book on the Barclays Premiership

During 2015 we have made various tips and predictions on our Facebook page. For fun. We performed quite well. For the tips we made you can visit the our Facebook timeline and scroll or search through to get the details. You may think that’s great but how can we profit from these sorts of opinions? Betfair is a great tool to allow normal punters to play bookmaker. This post will explain some techniques for setting up a simple sports book without needing hundreds of thousands of pounds (or currency equivalent).

Barclays Premiership football has seen some big changes in the 2015/16 season including Manchester United and Chelsea not living up to the their fans expectations. A big shock for Chelsea was that Jose Mourinho ended his job at the club but the bigger shock has been their bad performances.

Earlier in the season we predicted that Leicester City was a team to watch. Our tips included both teams to score and win tips. Other things we predicted for the season was that Chelsea was priced as the favourite to win the Premier League at the start of the season. In our opinion the odds did not reflect their true chance of success especially considering the pedigree of Manchester City and an Arsenal who looked like they where turning a corner.

Making a sports book is basically setting out your opinion about which teams are priced at the correct odds and more importantly which teams are not. For instance we predicted Chelsea’s odds would increase and that Arsenal’s odds would Shorten. Who would have known that Leicester City’s odds would shorten so much. Considering Leicester’s form and gaining Claudio Ranieri as manger was a good indication that things where going to change for the club.

Real bookmakers provide odds on many different markets and sports. As a novice booked we just need to pick one market, for instance, the Barclays Premier League outright winner antepost market on Betfair. Next we choose which teams look like they’re due a change of opinion compared to the odds given by the bookmakers at the start of the season. Bookmakers employ intelligent people called odds compilers to maker their sports book and predict the probability of each team winning the league. They then add in their profit margins. There are so many factors that effect the rise and fall in the fortunes of Premier League teams that the odds of each team will eventually move during the season either as they become more likely or less likely to win. Certain things can really shake things up, for instance, Chelsea loosing it’s manager or Leicester city gaining an experienced manager. Alternatively it could be a key player being injured or a key signing. Either way these events cause a shift in the odds of the other contenders for the top spot.

Odds compilers are clever but they can not see the future, which allows punters on Betfair to have a bit of fun and potentially do nicely at making a bit of extra cash for themselves.

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How to build a bank for trading on Betfair

Build a betting bank A good question. As editor I have been asked numerous times. Using my experience I would like to give our best answer to how to build a betting bank for trading on Betfair.

Let’s Compare Bets has been researching systems and Betfair trading strategies since 2006, so I believe we are qualified to give what is currently the best solution to this problem.

Many successful Betfair strategies use a large betting bank to make regular profits from small movements in exchange odds. You like us may not have the resources to do this. Read on to see how to do it on a shoestring budget.

A big consideration for how to build a betting bank was to make it low risk. Also a big requirement is that Betfair is essential to the process: to give newbies experience of using the exchange.

Newbies are recommended to sign up to our newsletter to get a free copy of the Betfair For Profit guide, which explains the process and gives links to sections of this site that explain trading strategies.

Furthermore, the method I describe needs to be quick and relatively easy. Betfair’s betting exchange has the unique feature that members can bet on someone, a team, or horse to lose (lay betting).
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Profit accumulator review

Profit accumulator is a service that gives punters a step by step guide to making risk free money from bookmakers. Each bet is kept relatively small and the initial starting money required is minimal.  Alternative betting systems like sports arbitrage betting often require a substantial investment to start.  This is not the way profit accumulator works.  Using technical speak the system uses bookmaker Betfair arbitrage, sometimes called bonus bagging, to produce a risk free income.

Only a small amount of money can be turned into thousands of pounds using profit accumulator following a simple process.  We have reviewed the profit accumulator service to help our readers decide if it is a service they would like to use to make a second income to pay for life’s luxuries, a holiday, a new car, or to pay for university.  I made over £950 profit with this service, in the time spent reviewing it.  All that’s required is a small initial investment to secure the first bonus, make a combined bet, and pay for the service to start accumulating bonuses and winnings.  That’s how the profits accumulate.

This process of getting bonuses is something we have promoted at Let’s Compare Bets, and there are step by step instructions in our free ebook.  Something we do not do for our readers is check the bonus terms and conditions, or find the best events and matches to bet on.  Profit accumulator is useful because it does all the hard work for us. Saving time by getting the bookmaker and casino promotions, checking the terms and presenting instructions in an easy to use way.

Before I continue with the review I should mention that the service is not available to US citisens, only those living in the UK, Ireland and some European countries can benefit.  Sorry guys.

What I liked about the service was that it explains the process of matched betting in full making it easy to understand for the layman. The instructional videos where very useful. Betfair is the best way to do matched betting. An account with Betfair is essential. This link will open a separate page where you can sign up to Betfair. It’s free.

The profit accumulator service gives users the exact bets to place and how much to bet to guarantee risk free profits.  As far as the bookmakers are concerned this is totally under the radar. In other words it is legitimate.  Bets with the bookmaker can win or loose it doesn’t matter.  Betting account activity looks totally normal avoiding any account closures, which is something that arbitrage traders dread.  This system is also completely legal.

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