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In theory arbitrage bets are risk free bets. In simple terms arbitrage betting involves capitilising on differences in price between trading entities. By doing so the arbtirage bettor can set up risk free trades and risk free bets. Arbitrage betting on sports takes advantage of the different opinions of betting bookmakers on the same event. In financial markets arbtirage involves trading the same asset on different markets where there is a price difference.

Profit Maximiser review

Risk free betting systems have been really popular here. Let’s Compare has reviewed these systems and found them to be as genuinly good earners. It won’t make you rich but it can quickly make enough money for a new TV or a holiday, or even to produce an income. When all the bonuses get used up profits do tend to slow down because existing bonuses are fewer. That is where Profit Maximiser comes in.

You will already have been able to extract £1000 – £10000 from the system in a matter of months. Profit Maximiser unlocks more bonuses and enhances your income.

I will be honest and say we only review services which help people raise some extra cash and even generate a fresh income.

Personally I have found the process of doing risk free bets time consuming due to having to check terms and conditions and finding the right events to bet on. What I really wanted was someone to do the work for me.
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Profit accumulator review

Profit accumulator is a service that gives punters a step by step guide to making risk free money from bookmakers. Each bet is kept relatively small and the initial starting money required is minimal.  Alternative betting systems like sports arbitrage betting often require a substantial investment to start.  This is not the way profit accumulator works.  Using technical speak the system uses bookmaker Betfair arbitrage, sometimes called bonus bagging, to produce a risk free income.

Only a small amount of money can be turned into thousands of pounds using profit accumulator following a simple process.  We have reviewed the profit accumulator service to help our readers decide if it is a service they would like to use to make a second income to pay for life’s luxuries, a holiday, a new car, or to pay for university.  I made over £950 profit with this service, in the time spent reviewing it.  All that’s required is a small initial investment to secure the first bonus, make a combined bet, and pay for the service to start accumulating bonuses and winnings.  That’s how the profits accumulate.

This process of getting bonuses is something we have promoted at Let’s Compare Bets, and there are step by step instructions in our free ebook.  Something we do not do for our readers is check the bonus terms and conditions, or find the best events and matches to bet on.  Profit accumulator is useful because it does all the hard work for us. Saving time by getting the bookmaker and casino promotions, checking the terms and presenting instructions in an easy to use way.

Before I continue with the review I should mention that the service is not available to US citisens, only those living in the UK, Ireland and some European countries can benefit.  Sorry guys.

What I liked about the service was that it explains the process of matched betting in full making it easy to understand for the layman. The instructional videos where very useful. Betfair is the best way to do matched betting. An account with Betfair is essential. This link will open a separate page where you can sign up to Betfair. It’s free.

The profit accumulator service gives users the exact bets to place and how much to bet to guarantee risk free profits.  As far as the bookmakers are concerned this is totally under the radar. In other words it is legitimate.  Bets with the bookmaker can win or loose it doesn’t matter.  Betting account activity looks totally normal avoiding any account closures, which is something that arbitrage traders dread.  This system is also completely legal.

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A bookmaker with an out dated website, but outstanding offering to users; Pinnaclesports re visited

As a customer, punter, arbitrage trader, and general user of Pinnaclesports, I thought it’s time I give this bookmaker a mention here on As a critically minded reviewer it’s striking (to me at least) that the website looks quite outdated. That’s strange because is one of the most widely used bookmakers on the internet. Internet only and with many customers worldwide has to function properly for a wide range of user web browsers, so possibly that’s why the site is a bit old fashioned. So why do they have so many customers?

Here we review lots of bookmaker promotions and free bet offers, but, Pinnacle Sports don’t offer a free bet. Instead it’s every day best odds on a range of sports. American sports particularly, like NBA Basketball, NFL Football, and Major League Baseball. UEFA Champions League betting is another popular market. But, if you want to bet on table tennis that’s no problem as well.

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Is sports arbitrage a riskless investment?

Some sports betting journalists might cause readers to believe that sports arbitrage trading is a riskless investment. On the face of it, and by looking at the basics of sports arbitrage betting it would seem as though there is no risk. But, dig a little deeper and this is not the case.

Differences in how online bookmakers price sports bets often produce opportunities to make risk free profits. A sport arbitrage bet involves either betting on the same selection or the same event with two bookmakers and turning a profit no matter what the outcome is.

It theory, sports arbitrage betting involves finding a sports arbitrage opportunity then placing the bets at the bookmakers. Each bet should produce a profit of between 2 to 4%….. easy.

Not so. It is not easy to find sports arbitrage bets. Not manually. The reason for this is that online bookmakers have been fighting back against sports arbitrage traders. Scanning software is employed to sniff out price inconsistancies. It is not surprising that the pricing anomalies are closed down quickly. The bookmaker who’s odds are out of sync with the rest of the market tend to be those who change the odds first.

Creating an income via sports arbitrage betting is possible. This is what Ben R. Marshall, an associate professor at Massey University, New Zealand, had to say about Arbitrage Opportunities In Sports betting Markets in the Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Vol 49, pg 917-930 (2009) –

“I examine arbitrage opportunities in internet sports betting markets. Using a unique data set of 77,435 arbitrage possibilities I show that these opportunities span a range of sporting events including Golf, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association Basketball, National Hockey League Hockey, Soccer and Tennis. I show that average arbitrage revenues of 3.35% are available. Relatively low transaction costs and the short time horizon of sports bets allow arbitrageurs to reinvest and earn sizeable annual returns… ”

The main risk involved with sports arbitrage betting is execution risk. The process of actually executing arbitrage bets. The execution risk of placing sports arbitrage bets include,

Technological errors with a bookmaker’s website, namely when something goes wrong and the bookmaker will not honour the bet. If one side of the sports arbitrage bet is not registered by the online bookmaker correctly it causes an open liability on the other side of the bet. However, this is certainly not common. This are called palps, short of palpable error. An example would be the bookie advertising the wrong odds 12.0 instead of 1.20.

More common is the bookmaker becoming suspicious of the trader and limiting stake size or find excuses not to honour bets. They do not like people profiting from their mistake. Successful arbitrage traders find ways around these problems.

The trader not being aware of the rules regarding betting on some sports. For example, if a game is called off due to weather or various situations depending on the sport.

Time constraints are one area that can cause a sports arbitrage trades to go wrong. If the odds change during the process of placing a sports arbitrage bet any profit can disapear or a small loss may result. This problem has occured due to the scanning software used by online bookmakers. Such scanning software was originally developed by sports arbitrage trading service providers to help traders find arbitrage bets.

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