Bet365 is a loyal sponsor of Let’s Compare Bets. We just had to report on this amazing story. The Bingo player tallo1 was given £3,922,736 by Bet365 bingo. The £3,9 million scoop was a progressive Jackpot win on Christmas Eve! What a present 🙂

Wow. That’s a lot of money. Personally speaking it’s difficult to comprehend such a large win from a Slot Game. The slot game at Bet365 which produced this happy occasion (for tallo1 at least) was Clover Rollover. Tallo1 clearly had the luck of the Irish which spinning those colourful reels. What it took to trigger this massive win was five famous shamrock symbols…. that’s why the game is called Clover Rover.

Over at Bet365 it was quoted ” On realising he’d hit the Progressive Jackpot, taaloo1 was understandably shocked and excited. The sheer scale of his win has not yet fully sunk in, so he’s not made any immediate plans for what he will do with the money. One thing he says he is looking forward to, though, is celebrating in style with a cracking party!”

Clover Rover is one of many Slot Games at Bet365. As we have mentioned before Bet365 offer generous free sports bets. Great promotional offers are also extended to Slots, Roulette, and Scratchcards. Bet365 have more than five million customers allowing one of the largest gambling groups worldwide to offer such great promotions. A bank role and bingo experience that is very good amongst it’s rivals. The groups employs 1400 and is the UK’s seventh largest private company.

In the 2010 eGaming Review Awards, bet365 was named Operator of the Year and Casino Operator of the Year, as well as receiving the Best Website Performance award. The company also came top in eGaming Review’s Annual Power 50.

So what are Bet365 doing to celebrate the New Year?

Enter the 50% cash back celebration on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of January. To celebrate tallo1’s impressive win Bet365 are offering all casino players a 50% cash back on whatever the House takes on all Slot Games in both Bingo and Games products.

With no deposit required, and a vast range of games to choose from, you can really make the most of your Slots play at Bet365.

Find out more at Bet365.

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